Step 1: Do you see video and hear music?

Yes 🙂

You’re done – checks complete – get yourself a coffee!

No 🙁

Hmm, it seems you may be having some issues. Head to Step 2 below so we can get this fixed.

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Step 2: Follow these steps

Consult our most common FAQs before shouting for help:

  1. There’s no audio – please ensure you have your headphones or speakers plugged in and turned up. Ensure your device is not muted.
  2. Nothing plays or the content swirls – you may have a slow Internet connection. We always recommend using an ethernet or wired connection (it’s often faster and more reliable than wifi). If you still have issues you should check your connection speed using a speed test application (like You need at least 600kbps/0.6Mbps on the download section to view.

If you still have issues click on the live chat widget at the bottom right of this page or email us and we’ll do our best to help.