We asked for your questions about virtual events and you sent them in. Lots of them. And then some more. So to find out the answers, watch the video in full, or hunt out your question below.

Video Breakdown

Part 1: Virtual Event Content & Production

Question 1

How can we make panel discussions work? Would you advise webcams or just audio?

Question 2

Would you have different links to morning & afternoon sessions, or, would you keep it all in one link that people can hop in and out of?

Question 3

How would it be possible to mix virtual and physical events? How could this look? What aspects could remain virtual, and what elements could be recorded physically?

Question 4

What’s a good setup for a virtual
event presenter?

Question 5

How can I organise a virtual event?

Question 6

Can virtual event content be presented in multiple languages?

Part 2: Lead Generation, ROI, & Payment

Question 7

What would be the benefit for my company for holding a virtual event?

Question 8

What are the data capture opportunities of a virtual event?

Question 9

How do sponsors get leads?

Question 10

Should I charge attendees for a virtual event ticket?

Question 11

How do you decide what to charge for sponsorships/exhibitors for a virtual event?

Question 12

How would you measure the business ROI of moving from Tradeshows to Virtual Events?

Part 3: Virtual Event Features, Interactivity, & Games

Question 13

Any recommendations for virtual event games?

Question 14

My favourite thing about physical events is the nibbles? Is there any way we can replicate these virtually?

Question 15

What sort of networking activities are possible during virtual events?

Question 16

What are the best ways to get the most out of virtual events?

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