The perfect way to use video to engage your audience with your most important stories.

Webcast Presenter

Get Your Story Heard

Also known as live streaming, webcasts are the perfect online event to engage your audience.

Increase conference attendee numbers by streaming online to a global audience or broadcast your business update across multiple sites using the most engaging content format; video.

Webcasts are filmed in a similar format to TV shows, usually with multiple cameras, and can be either recorded, edited and broadcast, or streamed live.

Webcasts Rock.
Here's Why.

People Love Video

Over 500 million hours of video are watched every day and it produces the best engagement and conversion rates of all content formats. Webcasts provide the perfect way to include video in your communication plan.

Go Global

Webcasting allows anybody with an internet connection to attend your events, allowing you to reach new markets, audiences and customers with your content by broadcasting them on a global scale.

Boost Engagement

Interactive tools such as polls and surveys let your audience interact with the webcast presenter no matter where in the world they are. Viewers can also submit their questions to be answered live - all without that awkward hand-in-the-air moment.


The best webcast platforms can provide valuable information about your attendees, helping you understand who’s most engaged, and who's ready to become a customer. This level of insight makes it easy to see the value your webcasts are delivering.

Webcast Case Studies

Pentland Webcast Case Study

Streaming Internal Updates To 20 Global Offices

Discover how Pentland’s C-level execs use webcasts to deliver quarterly updates to their global offices without having to remember where they put their passport for safekeeping.

The Pentland Case Study »

Retail Week Webcast Case Study

Interactive Live-Streamed Panel Debates

Find out how Retail Week use sponsored webcasts to drive engagement with their subscribers. Using sponsors also provides Retail Week with a healthy ROI on their webcast series.

The Retail Week Case Study »

The live stream in four locations was a great solution for our event, the team were really knowledgeable and able to provide the perfect solution for our conference requirement.

I would definitely recommend them as a company.

Sarah Pickthall, Marketing Events ManagerJISC

We Manage Webcasts For Some Of The World's Biggest Companies

What Makes streamGo Webcasts Different?

No Downloads

Because this isn’t the 1990s. No downloads for anyone.

Dedicated Event Producers

You focus on the content and we’ll do the rest.

No Buffering

Your audience will automatically get the best quality video for their connection.

No Limits

As many attendees as you like with no extra costs or stream slow-down.

We’re Webcast Geeks

From moving furniture to wardrobe advice we’ll make it perfect.

No Cookie-Cutters In Sight

Each webcast is unique to us so you’ll get a bespoke service every time.

(Don’t) Break The Internet

For large offices we use Peer-To-Peer streaming to keep bandwidth load low.

Secure Access

Only the people you want to attend will be able to view your webcast.

Live Analytics

View live data on sign ups, attendees and engagement.

Run Better Online Events

With our team of Event Producers providing first-class support throughout your online events, engaging your audience is just one click away...