Totally Managed

Our superstar team manage everything for you!
Let us take away the pain and pressure from your webcasts and webinars.

Totally Managed

Our superstar team manage everything for you!
Let us take away the pain and pressure from your webcasts and webinars.

Superstar tech team

Our team are webcast and webinar veterans. They know everything inside out and could do it all blind folded. But don’t worry, they won’t baffle you with tech speak or confusing terminology, they can speak non-tech too!

They’re also experienced producers, that know exactly how to bring calm, to an often stressful situation and can deal with any possible issue during a live event (well maybe except fix the weather (if we’re webcasting from outside!))

Webcasts – no problem

Our team all have a background in video production, so they’re used to all the tech that goes with it. They can vision mix, direct, produce and stream all at the same time,  with their eyes closed, while sleeping. (OK, so we maybe exaggerate a little but they can manage a full multi-camera webcast with ease).

There’s no risk or pain for you, the team have backups for almost every eventuality and know exactly what to do in the event of a problem. There’s no need to panic or worry, it’s a stress free, no hassle managed webcast from streamGo.

Simplicity is the key

We all want a simple life, with few complications. Luckily, that’s a possibility with our managed webinar and webcast service. There’s no need to stress about setting up techie pages or configuring systems. Our team do all this for you.

Just send us a couple of bits of information about your event, so we can populate your branded registration page and build your automatic and invitation emails. Once it’s done, we’ll organise time to speak brief and prep your presenters for filming or presenting during your event. And on event day, we take care of everything, the most complicated thing you need to do is make a coffee and sit and watch! Simple.

There’s no need for an online event to be painful, our team are experts in making things simple for you.

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A typical event

(Don’t worry we do all the hard work!)

Registration Page

Standard and custom registration data, all captured into a useful report.

Confirmation Email

Within minutes of registering, we send a confirmation email containing a handy calendar file, so registrants don’t miss your event.

Reminder Emails

24 hours, 1 hour and 15 minutes before your event to drive up attendance.

Live event

Streamed in multiple bitrates across all devices with live attendee questions and polling.


Automatically created within 24 hours so your attendees can re-live the event. A great additional marketing asset.

Reporting Dashboard

All your reports, in one simple to use interface. Event done – time to use those leads in your own CRM or marketing tool.

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