Why streamGo?

Whether you are streaming your webinar or webcast to new customers, existing clients, potential investors or your own team, we've got you covered. Find out how streamGo can help you meet your business goals:

The streamGo difference

We believe our service sets us apart but it’s backed up by an enterprise leading platform – why not compare us to some of the leading providers below.

Platform Services


Presenter FeaturesStreamgo Platform#1#2#3#4#5#6
Current and Next Slide
Marker Pen
Highlighter Pen
Zoom / Magnify
Slide Notes
Full PowerPoint support
Custom Fonts supported
Embedded videos supported
Complex transitions supported
Skip to slide supported
Presenter Chat Unknown
Webcam support
Telephone audio
VOIP audio
Screen Share
List of active users
Audience Interaction Features
Live polling
Q&A management some events
Redirect to another page Unknown Unknown Unknown
Attendee resources Unknown Unknown
Attendee Experience
Multi-bitrate streaming
No plugins, no apps some events some events
No Flash required some events
Live attendee technical support some events
Access from any device (mobile or otherwise) some events
Support for live and on-demand subtitling
1080p video quality Unknown Unknown
Speaker bios
Social links
Tracked downloads
Integrated Data API
Full HTML control on pages
Full HTML control of emails
Post Event
On-Demand Support
Immediate on-demand
Feedback forms
Unlimited Additional logins limited
Viewing time
Session Time
Background Play Tracking
Engagement score
Overview report
Email reports Unknown Unknown
Question and poll reports
Graphical video analytics
Salesforce Unknown
HubspotComing Soon Unknown
EloquaComing Soon Unknown
MarketoComing Soon Unknown
Custom email schedule
Custom branded reminder emails
Custom branded confirmation email
Attendee Limits
Unlimited attendees
Upto 100
Upto 500
Above 500
Pre-recording of content
Simu-Live events
Dedicated Producer
Email Support
Live Chat Support
Custom on-boarding some clients some clients some clients some clients some clients some clients